Proven Ads

Property Hero empowers your property with proven Facebook ad campaigns, simplifying the ad creation process. Say goodbye to confusing marketing strategies and expensive agencies. Your journey to successful tenant acquisition starts with just three clicks.

Proven Ads That Drive Results

Enjoy access to a database of proven ad templates tailored for the commercial real estate industry. These templates, perfected over time, have consistently delivered results by attracting prospective tenants with engaging content. No design or advertising experience? No problem. Property Hero’s intuitive system allows you to easily tweak the templates, ensuring they resonate with your unique needs at any product type?

Customize to Your Needs

Every property is unique, and so should be its campaigns. With Property Hero, you can customize the templates to perfectly align with your property’s services, whether you manage a self storage facility, multifamily apartments, medical office building, or more. These personalized ads connect effectively with your target audience, paving the way for successful tenant conversion.

Quality Lead Generation

Property Hero’s industry-leading targeting finds potential tenants ready to lease. By focusing on quality over quantity, our system ensures you spend less time hunting for tenants and more time providing 5-star review worthy service. Our system drives leads that are easier to book and convert into tenants, leading to a more efficient and profitable property.

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