Automated Ai Conversations and Booking

Introducing our AI Chatbot, a powerful tool that interacts with leads like a human, handles bookings, reminders, cancellations and reactivates past tenants, investors, partners, etc. It works tirelessly, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

24/7 Lead Engagement and Booking

Our AI chatbot is your tireless team member, working round the clock to engage with leads, answer their questions, and book them into your schedule. It takes on the heavy lifting of tenant and investor acquisition, freeing up your team to focus on operations. The bot is designed to handle conversation naturally and intelligently, creating a seamless booking experience for potential tenants, investors, and partners.

Reminders, Cancellations, and No Shows Management

Reduce the number of missed appointments with automated reminders sent by our AI Chatbot. It handles cancellations efficiently, quickly opening up the slot for another tenant, investor, or partner. In case of no-shows, it initiates follow-ups, ensuring that your property's schedule is optimized for maximum service.

Reactivating Past Clients, Tenants, & Investors with Infinite Follow Ups

Property Hero's AI Chatbot isn’t just for new leads. It reaches out to past tenants, clients, investors to re-engage them and potentially bringing them back into your business whether on-site or a new investment opportunity. The bot also works leads tirelessly, ensuring that even the slowest decision-makers are nurtured until they are ready to do business with your firm.

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